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Achieve Wealth Through Value Add Real Estate Investing Podcast

Jan 18, 2023


Commercial Real Estate Economist and Futurist

Economist and Futurist Kiernan “KC” Conway, CCIM, CRE, MAI is the mind trust behind Red Shoe Economics, LLC, an independent economic forecasting and consulting firm furthering KC’s mission as The Red Shoe Economist by providing organic research initiatives, reporting and insights on the impact of Economics within the commercial real estate industry.

Conway is a frequent speaker for the Federal Reserve, FDIC, FHLB, state bank commissioners, academic groups, professional organizations, and industry associations. 

He previously served as chief economist for Colliers International-US. In addition to being a frequent lecturer at international conferences, Conway has consulted with major governmental agencies, most notably briefing former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and the Board of Governors on the burgeoning subprime lending and housing crisis and its impact on the commercial real estate industry.

In this podcast K.C. CONWAY will be speaking on the below topics:

​1] How Inflation Will Determine Prices?

2] GDP Is Contracting: Are We In A Recession Yet?

​3] How Drought Conditions Will Create CRE Opportunities?

4] The Worst Is Yet To Come

​5] What We Can Learn From The 1977-81 Inflation Era?

​​6] Where Are Real Estate Prices Going Next?

​​7] How Will Real Estate Be Impacted By The Reflation/inflation Backdrop?

​​8] How Can Investors Defend Their Portfolios From A Higher Inflation Environment?

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