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Achieve Wealth Through Value Add Real Estate Investing Podcast

May 21, 2019

Brian Burke is President / CEO of Praxis Capital Inc, a vertically integrated real estate private equity investment firm. Praxis operates on multiple platforms, currently managing active syndications for the acquisition of multifamily, single family, and opportunistic residential assets in US growth markets.

Brian has...

May 6, 2019

Ep#2 From Selling Books to Flipping Apartments with Vinney Chopra


Achieve Wealth Vinney Chopra 

Title : From Selling books to Flipping Apartments with Vinney Chopra  


James: Hi, audience, welcome to Achieve Wealth Podcast and my name is James [00:12unintelligible] today, we're going to be talking to Vinney Chopra...

May 6, 2019

Jeff Adler, Vice President of Yardi Matrix share his view of the latest state of Multifamily commercial asset class.

Show: Achieve Wealth Podcast 

Guest: Jeff Adler 

Title: Multifamily State of Union with Jeff Adler 

Host:  Hi Audience, welcome to Achieve Wealth Podcast, a podcast where we are tuning in to learn as...

May 5, 2019

The What, Why and How of this Podcast by host James Kandasamy